Simone Ciliani


Who I Am


My Name is Simone Ciliani

I'm an Fx/Cg Supervisor, what's that mean? 

I'm ultimately responsible for the delivery and quality of the 3D computer-generated (CG) elements of a VFX project.


Wow, this is a great job!? how did you make it there?

My Journey was quite smooth, maybe I was lucky, maybe I was skilled, but for the most, join in the VFX industry is quite hard.

Actually, it is, I get a lot of queries asking me how to start their career, and there is no evident secret, you only need to have a big passion and spend a lot of time studying and practicing without losing the hope to be viewed by a big company.

I Studied in Rome at "La Sapienza" university, "Graphic and Multimedia Design", Followed by an MA course at Escape Studios in London

After a couple of times of experience in London in the field, I moved to Vancouver where I have been for almost a couple of years.

Changing the side of the world where to live helps to set your mind in a different way, and see how there are multiple solutions for a single problem (I Could tell you that Carbonara is not made with cream, but this one is a different story)

Before that, I worked as an interior designer in Rome for a company making scientific laboratories (Labozeta Spa) 

Why are you here on this page?

Most likely there are multiple reasons,

you may know me for my candidacy with the Movimento 5 Stelle at the political election in Sept 2022 for the European Area, 

I was taking part in the Meetups at the early stages of the Movimento, I was active in the local and the European groups of M5S


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