I'm Enjoing to try this new plugin for maya made by Tony Ambles http://tonyambles.blogspot.it/ 

Is a fluid dynamic simulation based on SPH solver (gpu / cpu process) and a DEM solver for kind like dust ecc.
Like Tony wrote, he making this plugin to improve the solver with GT Nvidia card (instead of Quadro)
So, in my spare time, I'm trying it... Here 2 video

It's really cool becouse you can use BIN cache and meshing in RFRK! for now, there isn't a lot of stuff but.. you know is only 0.1 beta version and for now is really fast! stay tuned to see more about this plugin


Finally here we go.

mandarin simone ciliani

click to enlarge

Synchiropus Splendidus, ( or mandarin fish, or dragonet ) that's is the name of this Wonderful Indonesian Fish.
I started this project to improve my skill in Texturing and Shading, infact is my frist project in MARI, is amazing program but in my opinion still have a big fault like the mask (to create a mask layer i've to create 2 layer and work with alpha in shading... the question is WHY). A part of this, I love it and I'm think I will use for my next projects.

After I worked hard on the shading to improve the brdf into SSS fast simple of maya 2012 and also the alpha channel (bsssrdf-a :) ), you can see the wip article of breakdown of shading, well I improved it after that wip but the basic is there, follow it a this link [part 1/2].

For lighting I use 4 light,

  • keylight = Arealight from high to simulate the sun with a wave diffuse color and quadratic dispersion
  • filllight = a couple of spotligt with different color and waving
  • backlight = a spotlight
  • rimlight = a direct light with vary low intesity from back to keep some detail
  • Hdri = a ramp white to blue and very very low intensity
  • Volumetric fog = wich one I generated in a second layer and compose after in nuke but is very very low, just to keep some depth on image

lighting studio underwater fish

Render Layer and pass:

  • sss diffuse
  • sss front
  • sss mid
  • sss back
  • sss spec
  • matte
  • normal map = you can see a little vector blur for the last and middle fin and all the body (do the movement in 10 frame with a simple fast rig)
  • volumetric fog layer
  • AO with alpha
  • id = for fin but i didn't use
  • Zdepth


Comp in nuke :
Really simple, nothing in particular, just to remember if you are used mib_color_mix in add mode to multiply (divide) you alpha channel for the number of channel (ex: 4  channe divide aplah for .25)
I didn't use caustich or other things like that becouse I dont really love it, every time you see cgi with an overflow innapropriate use of that, but if you see a real undewater photo only one time of 10 you can gat a caustics.

nuke fish



Some Time ago i've starded to enjoy to make Gizmo from the "Gremlins" film... in 3d...
I like so much that film and I'm think is one of the best movie ever!!!

My goal for this projcet (like every project....) was impove my skill!


(skin - rig).... like you can see here


and here... the full working rig


here is my model, sculpted in Zbrush, and I added some really fine SSS shaders


At the end im really really enjoy to play with "shave and haircut"



well.... if I found time.... I'll finish it .... It'so funny... and I like my Gizmo son!


PART [1/2]

Hi Mates

I'm working on this personal project to study better SSS also for learn MARI (is it the frist time for me), and everything else :=)
I'm using maya 2012 (I know maya 2013 have a New SSS shaders, doesen't metter, i've to learn)
Apart of the VFX world one other my passion is Aquarium tank, and I think this is one and the best fish I ever had in my (my girfriend to be honest) tank.
Some reference frist at all : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mandarinfish

So, this is my base geometry:

synchiropus splendidus 3d wire

I use zbrush to create normal and disp map

synchiropus splendidus zbrush

after I use Mari for diffuse (wow, like ever, when you open a new software you don't know what you have to do!... )

and then I'm starting to work to fix something in PS,
Time for Light up and shading in Maya

sheader sss brdf alpha

This is my result right now...(pure render, no retoucing in ps)

synchiropus splendidus 3d alpha

the next step in general is:

fix improve the alpha map
fix play with light, maybe an IBL

Thanks, and comment if you like it!
I hope to see you in the next WIP of this project

go to part [2/2] to see final result