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The Light in Engine Room

Some other wip, I made the light with the Hair solver of Maya and a part of that i put some other light more close to the furnace and the istrumantation

Online the Animatics

Here Our frist animatic about the concept of Smoke Of London!

also visible here

Enjoy! Leave a comment :)

Engine Room - wip

After 3 different extravagant version we decided to built the engine room in more simple design.
In the center of room we try to put a giant kind of clock engine like an heart of the navy, I got the hard task to design that. Just a few simple line in MEL to do the right movement all based on a variable speed, so we can change the velocity all time we want how we want.

I'm try to reach the steampunk style in the particular and in the detail, but after we decide better with the animatic the movement of the camera I can fix better all.
Stay Tuned!

Concept Art - Engine room

To design a good stuff/space enviroment for the Engine room I'm looking about the classic envirment in story of cinema, and I found the ispiration in one of my prefear films... Metropolis,


Stay Tunned To See What Happend!

Concept Art - Crow

crow simone 1
Hi mate, here one my concept art / blu print for an early idea about a pseudo-mec-robot on the deck.
Follow up to see how we do that!





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