[Final] Synchiropus Splendidus [2/2]

Finally here we go.

mandarin simone ciliani

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Synchiropus Splendidus, ( or mandarin fish, or dragonet ) that's is the name of this Wonderful Indonesian Fish.
I started this project to improve my skill in Texturing and Shading, infact is my frist project in MARI, is amazing program but in my opinion still have a big fault like the mask (to create a mask layer i've to create 2 layer and work with alpha in shading... the question is WHY). A part of this, I love it and I'm think I will use for my next projects.

After I worked hard on the shading to improve the brdf into SSS fast simple of maya 2012 and also the alpha channel (bsssrdf-a :) ), you can see the wip article of breakdown of shading, well I improved it after that wip but the basic is there, follow it a this link [part 1/2].

For lighting I use 4 light,

  • keylight = Arealight from high to simulate the sun with a wave diffuse color and quadratic dispersion
  • filllight = a couple of spotligt with different color and waving
  • backlight = a spotlight
  • rimlight = a direct light with vary low intesity from back to keep some detail
  • Hdri = a ramp white to blue and very very low intensity
  • Volumetric fog = wich one I generated in a second layer and compose after in nuke but is very very low, just to keep some depth on image

lighting studio underwater fish

Render Layer and pass:

  • sss diffuse
  • sss front
  • sss mid
  • sss back
  • sss spec
  • matte
  • normal map = you can see a little vector blur for the last and middle fin and all the body (do the movement in 10 frame with a simple fast rig)
  • volumetric fog layer
  • AO with alpha
  • id = for fin but i didn't use
  • Zdepth


Comp in nuke :
Really simple, nothing in particular, just to remember if you are used mib_color_mix in add mode to multiply (divide) you alpha channel for the number of channel (ex: 4  channe divide aplah for .25)
I didn't use caustich or other things like that becouse I dont really love it, every time you see cgi with an overflow innapropriate use of that, but if you see a real undewater photo only one time of 10 you can gat a caustics.

nuke fish