[Phyton] PhoenixFD sim launcher in batch

This is a luncher in batch mode for simulation in PhoenixFD Maya windows side

Tested and Works for maya 2013 and PhoenixFD 2.x , but should be works fine for 2014 2015 - Windows only!

Is gonna create a temporany .bat file for the batcher simulation. I done also, during my short experience at Baseblack, a proper plugin with a proper menu where i put this one like a tool and another one command similar to lunch the simulation in batch to the farm (Royal Render Farm). I tested and the simulations seem 15% / 20% faster.

The script is a little dirty but is does the job!

HOW TO USE: Just select the simulation node and lunch the script (save it like an Icon if you want look smarter!!! :))Remember to use a good project path or a good cache pathVersion with GUI and options flag in develop?!


For any request/question don't hesitate to contact me


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