[project] The First Locomotive - Puffing Billy

Why Puffing Billy?During my visit at Science museum London, I was fascinated by it.  An incredible invention that was 200yrs ago, AMAZING... amazing "retrò" design, you could see his engine, everyting works "unskinned"... WOW... I went home and Immediatly I researched how it could works... the steam machine, the plungers, the breakes, the whells... COOL... it was love at first look! I had to making in 3d! My TD shot was there... and VoilĂ ...

Storic Note:
Puffing Billy is an early railway steam locomotive, constructed in 1813-1814 by engineer William Hedley.

During my Td corus i Made an "early" version of it...

I used Ncloth system to simulate the explosion but... slow calculation and so many time ingestible things (a lot of bug like: with paint on glue of costraint... and an animated ramp, iI solved after 2 days of works)... I used a Layerd Simulation with ncloth and works with layer for the collidings things but like Peter Kyme (from Dneg) said: "good simulation is when you have:

1) Stability
2) Speed
3) Flexibility"

Whell ok... my result was RUBBISH!!
Dneg and a lot of other company have a RBS selfmad (like Dynamite...) based on Bullet libraries... why I didn't use that? I want Stability and Speed! Bullet can made me happy! I'm started to used maya 2013 for that project with Bullet insted by Autodesk (maya bullet)... but let me said... when I tried to use some Field to try my RBS... wtf is that... maya, after you make a field, convert your bullet nucleus into a nomarl maya nuclus!!! "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?" I unistalled immediantly maya 2013 and I continued to work in 2012 with Bulllet DYNAMICA (free from Disney)... well is not perfect but is free and works! to help me in my projects  I made this simple Script on MEL.

OK I lost some funny and interesting stuff, I lost flexibility.... but i kept Speed and Stability.... and DONE, in only 2 days I baked my projects!

Some people said me the gravity is to "slow", there isn't an error about scale I done that becouse i like more the "coreograpich" result.

In the old projects I had a stupid problem into rig about the whell and the rail... iI fixed with simple scripts... now I've a dynamics velocity and correct grip with rail.

Finally I had the 3 Fluids, i worked to have less trasparency, big Density ( with a significatly cutoff into the graph) and not small proxy grid to improve the speed in simulation and rendering (about  1 hour of simulating for each fluid)

compositing nuke puffing billy

Also I added a particle system to symulate some pretty sparks (10 mins done.. good reslutl :) ) (but another render layer to add ahah)


Finally I scripted some parameter into texture of my fluid to improve some detail there,
after I made the Render Layer and COMP.

I love comp.... it's very funny for me... is relaxing... Here the sceen of my scripts.
work in Nuke is like designing piping of a large building.

Click the Immage to zoom into.




And that is a Still of this projects:

 Puffing Billy still

The final Shot you can find into my showreel!!!

I hope you enjoyed reading
Becouse I enjoyed writing :)