[project] Graduation video

My Graduation video at the End of studies At

University “La Sapienza”, Rome - Architecture “Valle Giulia” – Course of Graphic and Multimedia Design

summer 2011,

The folling videos descrives some method how to do fluid dynamics in 3d,
The principally lines in the video is this

1) Realflow normal fluids simulation => particle based
2) the "new" Hybrido system => grid based and layer particle
3) MotionGrapichs fluid => After effect fake simulation with trapcode particular
4) fumeFX and Krakatoa render => Voxel simulation and volumetric render

Main video

Breakdown video

Well since this day all days I'm tryng to improve my skills in this world step by step... my course at the university teached my a lot of thing about 2d graphics, architecture (story, and a base physics), the sense of right in the nature (Fibonacci docet...) and all these things have made me what I'm now.

Program used:

(also others)

I hope you are enjoined to see...