Showreel matchmoving oct 2012

Hi Guys, this is my last showreel only Matchmoving...

Like you can see, I tried to do for each shot a different problem solving / approach for the scene,
I used 3dequalizer and PFtrack, also nuke

1° Shot = Stereocamera of mobile phone (3d lg optimus 3d), low resolution and quality, noisy, unknow lens information click here for more information also i made a tutorial/guide pipeline it was published here on
2° Shot = 3deq, there is a rolling and a panorama also, rebuild alll the geometry in the scene in the real and correct scale
3° Shot = 3deq, Stereoscopic matchmoving using a survey data
4° Shot = Pftrack, few point and bad light also close shot
5° Shot = 3deq, Mocap track, bad rsolution, using a reference camera and extration dot
6° Shot = pftrack, No marker, manual solving
7° Shot = pftrck, Object track, close rotation

Update 29/01/13: I made another Stereoscopic matchmoving using my 3d mobile phone (shot n°1), please have a look < click here > for more information

have a look < click here > for more information