Showreel matchmoving oct 2012

Hi Guys, this is my last showreel only Matchmoving...

Like you can see, I tried to do for each shot a different problem solving / approach for the scene,
I used 3dequalizer and PFtrack, also nuke

1° Shot = Stereocamera of mobile phone (3d lg optimus 3d), low resolution and quality, noisy, unknow lens information click here for more information also i made a tutorial/guide pipeline it was published here on
2° Shot = 3deq, there is a rolling and a panorama also, rebuild alll the geometry in the scene in the real and correct scale
3° Shot = 3deq, Stereoscopic matchmoving using a survey data
4° Shot = Pftrack, few point and bad light also close shot
5° Shot = 3deq, Mocap track, bad rsolution, using a reference camera and extration dot
6° Shot = pftrack, No marker, manual solving
7° Shot = pftrck, Object track, close rotation

Update 29/01/13: I made another Stereoscopic matchmoving using my 3d mobile phone (shot n°1), please have a look < click here > for more information

have a look < click here > for more information

[python] Randomize with HSV

This Incredible Sript (yes, I made this, so it is amazing), is my frist script in Python... I made it to learn it and to discover this new world... and it is so funny!



The vimeo conversion cut-off my Audio (Hey vimeo stuff, you don't like my voice?)

With this script you can  assign the same texture but with a different result based on a random value on HSV, and... if you dont like it, you can also change the spread value of the random for each value of HSV! try it! it is irresistible! Like you can see on video Is very nice to do brick and also everything!

Sorry for bad English!!! So many thanks to renderglobal community!

Downloadable here via Creativecrash
Mirror via

[wip] Gizmo of Gremlins - shave and haricut


Some Time ago i've starded to enjoy to make Gizmo from the "Gremlins" film... in 3d...
I like so much that film and I'm think is one of the best movie ever!!!

My goal for this projcet (like every project....) was impove my skill!


(skin - rig).... like you can see here


and here... the full working rig


here is my model, sculpted in Zbrush, and I added some really fine SSS shaders


At the end im really really enjoy to play with "shave and haircut"



well.... if I found time.... I'll finish it .... It'so funny... and I like my Gizmo son!


[project] The First Locomotive - Puffing Billy

Why Puffing Billy?During my visit at Science museum London, I was fascinated by it.  An incredible invention that was 200yrs ago, AMAZING... amazing "retrò" design, you could see his engine, everyting works "unskinned"... WOW... I went home and Immediatly I researched how it could works... the steam machine, the plungers, the breakes, the whells... COOL... it was love at first look! I had to making in 3d! My TD shot was there... and Voilà...

Storic Note:
Puffing Billy is an early railway steam locomotive, constructed in 1813-1814 by engineer William Hedley.

During my Td corus i Made an "early" version of it...

I used Ncloth system to simulate the explosion but... slow calculation and so many time ingestible things (a lot of bug like: with paint on glue of costraint... and an animated ramp, iI solved after 2 days of works)... I used a Layerd Simulation with ncloth and works with layer for the collidings things but like Peter Kyme (from Dneg) said: "good simulation is when you have:

1) Stability
2) Speed
3) Flexibility"

Whell ok... my result was RUBBISH!!
Dneg and a lot of other company have a RBS selfmad (like Dynamite...) based on Bullet libraries... why I didn't use that? I want Stability and Speed! Bullet can made me happy! I'm started to used maya 2013 for that project with Bullet insted by Autodesk (maya bullet)... but let me said... when I tried to use some Field to try my RBS... wtf is that... maya, after you make a field, convert your bullet nucleus into a nomarl maya nuclus!!! "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?" I unistalled immediantly maya 2013 and I continued to work in 2012 with Bulllet DYNAMICA (free from Disney)... well is not perfect but is free and works! to help me in my projects  I made this simple Script on MEL.

OK I lost some funny and interesting stuff, I lost flexibility.... but i kept Speed and Stability.... and DONE, in only 2 days I baked my projects!

Some people said me the gravity is to "slow", there isn't an error about scale I done that becouse i like more the "coreograpich" result.

In the old projects I had a stupid problem into rig about the whell and the rail... iI fixed with simple scripts... now I've a dynamics velocity and correct grip with rail.

Finally I had the 3 Fluids, i worked to have less trasparency, big Density ( with a significatly cutoff into the graph) and not small proxy grid to improve the speed in simulation and rendering (about  1 hour of simulating for each fluid)

compositing nuke puffing billy

Also I added a particle system to symulate some pretty sparks (10 mins done.. good reslutl :) ) (but another render layer to add ahah)


Finally I scripted some parameter into texture of my fluid to improve some detail there,
after I made the Render Layer and COMP.

I love comp.... it's very funny for me... is relaxing... Here the sceen of my scripts.
work in Nuke is like designing piping of a large building.

Click the Immage to zoom into.




And that is a Still of this projects:

 Puffing Billy still

The final Shot you can find into my showreel!!!

I hope you enjoyed reading
Becouse I enjoyed writing :)


[MEL] tool for Dynamica Bullet by me

Ceck my Script for Dynamica Bullet

Downloadable here

[project] Graduation video

My Graduation video at the End of studies At

University “La Sapienza”, Rome - Architecture “Valle Giulia” – Course of Graphic and Multimedia Design

summer 2011,

The folling videos descrives some method how to do fluid dynamics in 3d,
The principally lines in the video is this

1) Realflow normal fluids simulation => particle based
2) the "new" Hybrido system => grid based and layer particle
3) MotionGrapichs fluid => After effect fake simulation with trapcode particular
4) fumeFX and Krakatoa render => Voxel simulation and volumetric render

Main video

Breakdown video

Well since this day all days I'm tryng to improve my skills in this world step by step... my course at the university teached my a lot of thing about 2d graphics, architecture (story, and a base physics), the sense of right in the nature (Fibonacci docet...) and all these things have made me what I'm now.

Program used:

(also others)

I hope you are enjoined to see...