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I'm Simone Ciliani,

I was born in Terni (Italy... a small and cute city into the green of Umbria, not far away from Rome)

Since I was child I was fascinated by VFX and Fantasy in the world of Cinema, I remeber my best film was "Never Ending Story" and "labyrinth" (I had worn out the VHS to see them again and again)

... so a lot of time past from those days....
Actually now you can probably find me beached in front of a pc at work or if isn't a work day you can find my as well at work ahah :). Life is hard but just keep it easy!

My last company where I jumped in is Framestore, before I was in MPC and Jellyfish. London is amazing, you can change job 3 times but you will see the same underground station every morning! oh com'on, can please some company move to bahamas or some sunny place, pleaseee!

I attended the VFX TD course @ Escape Studios in London with big zest (could see the result into my showreel).

Before my experience in London I studied "Graphic and Multimedia Design" in the Faculty of Architecture "Valle Giulia", University "La Sapienza" in Rome, where i was graduated in the summer of 2011 with 107/110 (here my Graduation video).

I love experimenting and solve hard problems, so to be honest I love the big challange (I'm trying infact also to have a change of date with some girl like Eva Green, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lawrence, but I still don't get why after my spamming in their email they still dosen't answered me, no one time, this is cruel)